Monday, 10 May 2010

Why not already?

Why there isn't any in London(they say it would be very expensive):

Our comments:

Ryan Cook
whoa!! some great links here Hayley, great job :)
April 15 at 10:16pm ·

Jason Hollis
I just typed some long response on my phone and it didn't send :( so I will keep this one a little shorter. Thanks for all the input Hayley, nice work XDWifi is done in Chain and Sweden but I don't think in the UK (well on the undergroun). They didn't say to much on how it was done tbh. I would love to know how the virgin trains work.We can't ... See Moredo 3G as that is done via phone masts which we can not restrict the use of. With wifi we can just give them a log in for them to enter a user name and password into (as many devices as they shall wish and access the computer).From what I got today they are not to worried about who it is done but more about the concept and how much you can make lol. Seeming as some people are doing conceptual ideas about space travel etc...We picked London as it will make the most revenue unlike outer London cities.I was thinking the Victoria line as it is 17KM of all underground and has 76.5 million passengers per year using it. So even if each person only used the wifi for one day we would make nearly £40 million pounds.You know you said it was expensive we could get Virgin or BT who are specialist with fiber to to the install for us and cover the cost and we just give them a percentage.As for costing I did use prices and didn't make them up. PAYG from Vodaphone is £50 a day so that's the same, block data also with Vodaphone is £10 (1GB) the same as what I priced it as and the cheapest mobile broadband dongle is £10 a month. We have to take into account that people are not on the trains all day long and are only on there for 30mins maximum at one time.Do you agree with what I have said?
April 15 at 11:02pm ·

Hayley Allen
I agree with what you have said, I was just suggesting an outer city as a tester to see if it would work, sort of like a qa, coz they mentioned that kind of thing in the lecture today. With the prices I was just comparing the 50p to the virgin trains as theirs is 75p for 10 minutes i think. I like using the companies that actually know what they ... See Moreare doing to install it. I did find on the wifi webpage a step by step guide to creating a network and the sort of devices used but I do not know if that would really apply to underground. Oh and I know Ben is going to IP tomorrow, do you want me to go too? xx
April 15 at 11:21pm ·

Jason Hollis
Only go if you want to. WifiMAX is also done in London so The underground is the only option. I have a guess of how Wifi would work in the underground. Use fiber running along to individual modems routers that would act as a bridge and add antennas that boost the signal. Is that in the copy I gave everyone?As for Virgin trains arnt people on there for a while not just quick journeys?
April 15 at 11:26pm ·

Jason Hollis the sounds of it my guess is kinda right lol. I'm sure that doesn't matter to much. we just going to have to say how its going to make money and brining in other compaines to cover the cost I believe is going to be the BIG selling point along with adverts.
April 15 at 11:29pm ·

Hayley Allen
I suppose it depends on the journey... and what do you reckon to the bus stop idea if you have read it lol? Would you mind if I didnt go, I can do some more proper research into the technical side of things then, oh and I wondered if no one has said it yet, I do not mind putting the project proposal together (like the documentation) x
April 15 at 11:31pm ·

Jason Hollis
I don't think that proposal actually has to be handed in but might help with the presentation. Can do that if you want. If I can be cheeky could I get you to do the gant chart? I've never done one and tbh got no idea what has meant to be in it. Did you read my feed back to your idea?
April 15 at 11:34pm ·

Hayley Allen
I will have a read of the brief again and see, but if not it will help to collate all of the information. Ive not done a gant chart either, but i will look into it. Do you know what job role you would like me to be yet? guess im kind of researching/ secretary at the mo :)
April 15 at 11:42pm ·

Jason Hollis
I think that is the best role for you. You've just fallen into it. Help me organise all my crazy ideas lol
April 15 at 11:46pm ·

Hayley Allen
Cool I like that, I'm quite good at organising n keeping things together :) go team!
April 15 at 11:47pm ·

Jason Hollis
I can think of ideas and what people need to do just no good with time scales etc...hence youd come in and advise lol
April 15 at 11:53pm ·

Hayley Allen
yeah thats fine :), i also wondered if any names or anything had been come up with yet? or are we leaving that to the marketing/branding team?
April 16 at 12:05am ·

Jason Hollis
I was leaving all the creative stuff to them tbh. I'm more technical minded as you can probably all ready tell lol.
April 16 at 12:07am ·

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