Monday, 10 May 2010

Group Name? Work Sharing

Hayley Allen Hey Guys, was just wondering if we have a group/company name yet? Any ideas? I was thinking something to do with the track line and wifi/ internet being combined something like Interground or WiLine but they are a bit crappity, so any others?
April 28 at 11:27pm

Jason Hollis Well name and logo we can say is a working progress if we haven't got one. I have all ready done a power point and you should all have it now. If you want to add any thing please do.
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Hayley Allen
Wow im impressed by the powerpoint :), im going to start looking into the advertising costs tomorrow n how we would go about doing that side of things if thats ok? and also patents and licenses etc
April 29 at 12:04am ·

Jason Hollis
I all ready have loads of rates cards for news papers etc. James asked for them but my rave mail has just gone down.
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Hayley Allen
You do realise the rest of us have to do something to... unless u want me to get more involved with the creative side of things?
April 29 at 12:19am ·

Jason Hollis
I know you guys do. I've just been doing it today coz I wanted to have something to show tomorrow.
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Hayley Allen
fine but after tomorrow we need to sort out whos doing what properly and us all to stick to it, its not fair only a couple of people doing all the work
April 29 at 12:24am ·

Jason Hollis
I was hoping to do nothing after this until every thing is done then just bring it together. Well the guys to know what roles they have. As you can tell I've just put you down as second in command
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Hayley Allen
Ok thats good, like I say I do not mind collating everything together maybe we could work on the final presentation together. Think we may need to give em a kick up the backside if not much is shown tomorrow
April 29 at 12:32am

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