Monday, 10 May 2010

Cost, Future Ideas?

Jason Hollis Just to add that remember Virgin train rides are long so can afford the high cost. A lower cost but more passengers will mean we have an edge and might attract more people.
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Hayley Allen
Yeah thats true, I was just looking at a comparable model and thought trains were the closest. We have to think of the next product too, mayb our next ideas could be wifi buses or bus stops, i think bus stops would be cool while people are waiting!
April 15 at 11:25pm ·

Jason Hollis
But we couldn't charge for that as if you have a signal you can have wifi. Just stick with the idea and see how it goes? Sell how ours would work?
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Hayley Allen
You could do it if they are in the middle of nowhere, or in towns outside of london that will not have as much signal. its only an idea, they did say we have to think of future projects for the company too...
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Jason Hollis
That future bit is just there added bit. Some thing to fill the presentation if need be. Well wouldn't future plans be the other underground lines then other underground in the country.
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Hayley Allen
true, im just tryin to think differently lol. i was only playing to begin with :)
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Jason Hollis
The more I read the less our idea looks good as it being done loads lol
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Hayley Allen
i thought that last night lol what with the research i found. i think if we found it a usp, like the way it is sold with the oyster or something, then i think that would make it successful and different
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Jason Hollis
Well the idea is just to top up with the oyster card and use the app to log in. Thats the simple concept.
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Jason Hollis
Got a back up idea just incase? No to do with wifi? All I can think about it wifi atm. I'm shocked how much work I have actually put in lol
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