Sunday, 23 May 2010

Market Research


Hey guys/gals, I was hoping you could answer a few questions to help support the research for my groups E+E project, it should only take a couple minutes (max) and your answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

Our project is about having Wireless Internet for mobile devices on the London Underground, there is a lot of potential in this idea but we need to know what you and the people who use the underground think about it. Even if you don't use the underground, please take the time to answer the questions. Thankyou :)

1) Do you use the London Underground? (a) Yes (b) No

2) If 'Yes', how often do you use it? (a) everyday [excluding weekends]
(b) 3-4 times a week
(c) Once a week
(d) Every couple of weeks
(e) Once a month
(f) Other__________________________

3) Everybody uses the internet these days, how many hours do you clock daily on average? (a) 1 hour or less
(b) 2-3 hours
(c) 4-5 hours
(d) 6 hours or more

4) What types of websites do you primarily use whilst on the internet? (Only pick 1)
(a) Shopping (ebay, amazon, play etc.)
(b) News and weather
(c) Social Networking (facebook, myspace,, youtube, twitter)
(d) games (omgpop, mini flash)
(e) entertainment news (ign, imdb, gametrailers etc.)

5) How much of your daily internet usage time do spend on the type of website selected in the previous question?

6) The payment method for wireless internet access on the underground would be a top-up system linked to your oyster card. Would you prefer having a monthly, annual subscription or a pay as you go service.
(a) monthly
(b) annual
(c) pay as you go

7) Are you aware of any wireless networks for underground services in other parts of the world? If yes then please specify the location(s).

8) If a wifi service for the London Underground was available to the public, would you use it?
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Maybe

9) If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, what would you primarily use it for?
(a) Social sites (facebook, twitter etc.)
(b) work/communication
(c) news/research
(d) shopping

Thanks for taking the time to complete this question, much love from group C :)


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