Monday, 10 May 2010

April 14th Emails

Just a addition that I had forgot. Need to work out how much revenue could be made from external companies advertising. How much do people card for adverts etc... I will work out how much it would actually cost to install our idea. but also give the option to get the money from BT or Virgin and pay them a cut. this will save us on cost and make us look even better in E&E.
Jason Hollis

Hey Guys,
This is my guess how it would actually work.
If someone wouldn't mind giving me a hand trying to work out how it would work physically. I have emailed my teacher so hopefully he can help.My guess is fiber running to different indsutral routers that would act like a bright. you'd use the converters to convert it into ethernet and boost the signals with antennas.
For Ben here is a little guess of the costing. It no doubt it due to change and we need measurements and numbers before getting some totals.
fiber cable= £2 per meter
Fiber optic Splitter = £2 Each
Fiber converter to (ethernet) = £25
EachCasing = £20
EachAntenna (5.8GHz band-5km 90 degrees )= £100
EachRouter = £500 each (use as a bridge)
Jason Hollis

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