Monday, 10 May 2010

Initial Overview of Internet on the Underground

Internet on the London Underground.

Fibre lines ran along the track with wifi 'hot spots' located along the line

Work with Virgin medai or BT for fibre lines and give percentage.

Additional: work out cost of fibre and receivers. (trial on busiest London underground line)

How it would work:

Online via internet or oyster card.
Monthly, PAYG (daily), Pre pay (block of data)
How it would work:

Download application on your phone which you log in with your details and that will only let you connect if you have enough credit.

The oyster card would be linked to the application and user name so every time you toped up with would register the credit.

Monthly: £5
PAYG: 50P a day
Pre pay: £10 (1GB)

Advertisement as people log in. (promotions etc...)


(Jack Kiteley - Brand manager
Tom Ritchie - Brand manager)

To do:

Market research-
(Ryan Cook- Market research manager
Malachi Chin-Market research manager)
How many people would use it
What the age group (Target audience)
how many people use London underground each day and year.
What is the busiest London underground line?
How many people own smart phones?

(James Pyne-Marketing manager
Phil Ayres -Marketing manager)
Web site ideas?
How would you get people to know about it?
How to sell it to people

Roles recap:

Me -Project Manager

Ben Keswich- Finance manager

Ryan Cook- Market research manager
Malachi Chin-Market research manager

James Pyne-Marketing manager
Phil Ayres -Marketing manager

Jack Kiteley - Brand manager
Tom Ritchie - Brand manager

Hayley Allen- ? (Possible finance manager) we can also think of other roles and use the skills you have in the right place.

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