Sunday, 23 May 2010


Hayley Allen Searching for Patents, there is an awful lot for Wifi... we still need our USP, maybe the payment by the card...Oh maybe it could be swiped like Oyster cards are, and people could pay for the amount of minutes a bit like a mobile phone, they pay for 10 minutes for example... and the swipe machines could be on the tube ...trains themselves rather than on the platforms or both maybe... Just trying to get some ideas :SSee More
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Jason Hollis
i like the oyster swipe idea so for the amont of time it takes it off. But then that voids the origianl pricing. Thought the usp was you can just top up using the oyster cards in shops? Or it just takes the daily rate on the way you first sign up? Think thats the best of both worlds.
May 15 at 11:30pm ·

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