Monday, 10 May 2010

Inital Chat, deciding roles etc

Jason Hollis Hey guys, I was talking to a friend who is on the content course and they have all ready done E&E. Acording to them we have to make or our business/brand. I was unsure of this first as the breif is a bit wordy and if you are like me a bit annoyed that they have given us this unit when I have load of other work to be ge...tting on with....I was thinking that I wouldn't mind being Finance manager, seeming your skills are more creative and you proberly touch on some of the roles before. Does any one have any particular role they would like to do? Might as well get the ball rolling. I'm suggesting who ever driven be the project mananger. just to add isn't -Market research manager and Marketing manager kind of the same role? Sorry for the all the chatter!See More
April 7 at 10:31am

Ben Keswick jason i put who down as project manager if that ok and the next few lectures coming up only one member of the team need to go so tomorror its one about project managment and finance and im going to the finance one.
April 8 at 5:30pm ·

Jason Hollis I was also going to go to the finance one any way just incase that it what im going to get stuck with. Good call with project manager. I'm sure the rest wont mind....On another note sorry i missed the second half of the lesson. Did I miss much? I was busy doing Rave Live stuff. As for out idea is everyone happy with it...? My hous emate seem to thing that the wifi on train has been done in another country before but we wont tell any one. This could also work to our advantage as the research etc might all ready be there for us and we could just say we are branding for the UK market and how we would improve it.See More
April 8 at 8:41pm

Ben Keswick yer we are all happy for you to be manager, but remember you've got a lecture today for the management and leadership lecture, and i have a finance lecture
April 9 at 11:50am

Jason Hollis I've been to the lecture. I will upload the notes for everyone on monday or tuesday, when i get them of my friend. Does eveyone know which class they are attending?
April 9 at 7:27pm

Jack Kiteley Cheers for the notes Jason. Just wondered if we should get a list up of who's doing what (role wise)...
April 10 at 12:30pm

Jason Hollis funny enought i was just about to email everyone asking that very same question. Also more notes to be added tuesday. I will get the paper off ben tuesday to if he is in a type up all the notes and a plan of action. The sooner we get it done the better. If anyone does need help give me a shout..
April 10 at 1:04pm ·

Tom Ritchie Just thought I'd mention, but I'm up for doing brand managing if that's cool?
April 10 at 1:23pm

Jack Kiteley Well I'd quite like to work on the brand as well if you don't mind collaborating Tom? You're probably more artistic than me so you can be the 'Brand Manager' but I'd like to help out..
April 11 at 12:35pm

Hayley Allen Hey Guys, right I know I am far behind as I was away last week so can you please tell me whats been going on, and ive just read all the emails on Rave, being Finance manager is cool with me if Ben doesnt mind me working with him. I'm not in Uni tomorrow but will be weds Jason if I can at least meet you then to discuss ...whats been going on.Can you tell me any ideas you can up with so far?Thanks, H xSee More
April 13 at 1:04am

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