Thursday, 1 April 2010

Important dates

Important dates summer term 2010

Crash courses- all will be held in lecture theatre. Each group needs to send a representative to each.

Friday 9th of April 1-2.30 Crash course in Leadership & Management
Friday 9th of April 3-4.30 Crash Course in budgeting
Monday 12th of April 10-12 Crash course in Corporate Social Responsibility
Friday 16th of April 1.30-3.30 Crash Course in IP (Intellectual Property)

23rd of April: Industry Day- Future Heads

Look out for information around college. Lots of different speakers, panels and workshops to choose between with a focus on freelancing within the creative industries. Open to all students and staff, compulsory for all students doing E&E this term to attend at least one activity during the day.

Project Brief

It’s a tough, competitive world out there. The most robust and innovative
ideas are usually based on unique customer insights, a high degree of
differentiation and persuasive communications. Getting ideas to market –
reaching the customer effectively and persuading them to choose your idea
over competitors - requires deep insight into target audiences, who they
are, where they are, what their unmet needs are and what are the best
means to reach them. Not only that, getting ideas to market also requires a
clear understanding and articulation of what real benefits your ideas offer,
whether they be for products, services, concepts or projects.
Whether you are an individual trying to pitch an idea to a company, a
creative practitioner selling a solution to a client, or an entrepreneur
developing a business, knowing your audience and how to deploy the most
effective means of capturing that audience are essential.
This unit introduces the basics of how creative entrepreneurs use customer
insight, branding and marketing to underpin creative entrepreneurial
In this unit, you will:
- employ creative methods to come up with a business idea
- learn how to gather and synthesise company, industry and market
intelligence, and how to turn these insights into drivers for creativity
and innovation;
- explore traditional and emergent market research techniques, and
generate insights that support innovation;
- find out how brands - an essential element in competitive strategyare
created and managed to build sustainable advantage
- study marketing strategy – how to reach and retain target audiences
effectively by using simple concepts such as the 4 Ps, SWOT and
PEST to deepen your understanding of the competitive environment
- learn what it takes to communicate ideas persuasively to diverse
BA (Hons) Level 2
L T Dimitriou March 2010
audiences and deliver a successful sales pitch.
Students are encouraged to apply the concepts and principles acquired in
the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship unit in their subject specialism and
beyond, becoming more effective and persuasive communicators whatever
the context or audience in which they find themselves engaged.
Project Brief
It’s a fast changing world and entrepreneurs and organisations constantly
need to keep a watchful eye on the market place. They need to anticipate
change and be on the lookout for new opportunities to constantly develop,
refresh and modify their products and services. It is essential that you are
aware of innovation within as well as outside your sector, to be ready to
meet the needs of current and future markets.
In this project, you are asked to apply your specialist knowledge along with
market research to develop a business idea. You will
a) identify an opportunity for an innovative new product, service or
b) shape your ideas into a business concept proposal underpinned by
appropriate research
c) create a selling presentation of your business concept
The project will give you and your team the opportunity to try out your
creative capabilities in new contexts and pit your wits against fellow teams.
For assessment and grading in this project you will be expected to:
1 Research the opportunity to see what the potential is
2 Build a rich customer profile
3 Provide evidence of your research and analysis of the intended target
market and competitive context
4 Develop a brand and marketing strategy by which to attract and retain
that market, including:
- the USP of the product, service or organisation
- the benefits and features of your product or service or organisation
- how you will reach your target market considerating the 4 Ps (product,
price, place, promotion)
- an outline budget for accomplishing your proposed solution
- an action plan to achieve your solution
You will give a group presentation in the form of a sales pitch with a
specific audience in mind. The presentation should also be uploaded in
Moodle in the form of a PPt, PDF or other appropriate medium along with
any explanatory notes, supporting facts and information sources.
You will answer an individual questionnaire about the process you have
gone through to reach your conclusions, what research you have done and
how you have contributed to the groups work. You are required to keep a
personal project log or blog throughout the project to document your
learning process. You should include what you learn at Industry Day.