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This sums up the rest of our project :)

Market Research


Hey guys/gals, I was hoping you could answer a few questions to help support the research for my groups E+E project, it should only take a couple minutes (max) and your answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

Our project is about having Wireless Internet for mobile devices on the London Underground, there is a lot of potential in this idea but we need to know what you and the people who use the underground think about it. Even if you don't use the underground, please take the time to answer the questions. Thankyou :)

1) Do you use the London Underground? (a) Yes (b) No

2) If 'Yes', how often do you use it? (a) everyday [excluding weekends]
(b) 3-4 times a week
(c) Once a week
(d) Every couple of weeks
(e) Once a month
(f) Other__________________________

3) Everybody uses the internet these days, how many hours do you clock daily on average? (a) 1 hour or less
(b) 2-3 hours
(c) 4-5 hours
(d) 6 hours or more

4) What types of websites do you primarily use whilst on the internet? (Only pick 1)
(a) Shopping (ebay, amazon, play etc.)
(b) News and weather
(c) Social Networking (facebook, myspace,, youtube, twitter)
(d) games (omgpop, mini flash)
(e) entertainment news (ign, imdb, gametrailers etc.)

5) How much of your daily internet usage time do spend on the type of website selected in the previous question?

6) The payment method for wireless internet access on the underground would be a top-up system linked to your oyster card. Would you prefer having a monthly, annual subscription or a pay as you go service.
(a) monthly
(b) annual
(c) pay as you go

7) Are you aware of any wireless networks for underground services in other parts of the world? If yes then please specify the location(s).

8) If a wifi service for the London Underground was available to the public, would you use it?
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Maybe

9) If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, what would you primarily use it for?
(a) Social sites (facebook, twitter etc.)
(b) work/communication
(c) news/research
(d) shopping

Thanks for taking the time to complete this question, much love from group C :)



We would need a lot of supplies such as fiber cable, optic splitter, converter, antenna and routers
The london underground is 250 miles and worked out it would cost around £ 10,000 per mile, plus extra just in case
£500,000 flat rate

Maintenence cost would include:
System problems
Wifi signal failure
Maintaining the cable, routers, etc
200,000 per year

N-POWER will be our electricity supplier:
£500,000 per year
We are negotiating with both Virgin and BT to provide an internet connection throughout our Wifi network.
£1,000,000 per year (estimate)

Being such a large scale business plan, we need to advertise through our website, press announcements and TV adverts
£500,000 (first year)

I worked out the cost of wages for a year for the nine members of the team plus the four engineering team that would maintain the wifi network
£720,000 per year
Office space in Waterloo
(Price inc, cleaner and car parking)
£20,000 per year

Marketing Costs:

ITV: £17,000 (30 seond slot, drama/movie)
Oxford Circus:£126,500 (4 weeks)
London Busses-
Double Decker Vinyl- £15,549 (12 weeks)
The Sun:£50,975 (Mon-Sat) per week (Colour full page)
Metro:£25,109 (Mon-Sat) per week (Colour full page) (London only)
The Guardian:£34,000 (Mon-Sat) per week (Colour full page)
Possible Revenue:

Scenario (Best):
100 million people use it I the year each paying 50p a day for 200 days we would make 1 Billion for that year
Scenario (Average):
50% of Oyster card users (5 million) tried it for one day (50p) £250,000,000
Scenario (Worse):
Only 10% of Oyster card users tried it out for one day we would still make £500,000. This would cover the installation costs.

Oyster Card Design

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Tom Ritchie
Jason I've just sent you the file.
May 16 at 2:54pm · Flag

Hayley Allen
will you send it me too?
May 16 at 4:16pm ·

Tom Ritchie
May 16 at 4:19pm · Flag

Jack Kiteley
Nice work man


Hayley Allen Searching for Patents, there is an awful lot for Wifi... we still need our USP, maybe the payment by the card...Oh maybe it could be swiped like Oyster cards are, and people could pay for the amount of minutes a bit like a mobile phone, they pay for 10 minutes for example... and the swipe machines could be on the tube ...trains themselves rather than on the platforms or both maybe... Just trying to get some ideas :SSee More
Patent Searching Database
Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data Analytics Services.

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Jason Hollis
i like the oyster swipe idea so for the amont of time it takes it off. But then that voids the origianl pricing. Thought the usp was you can just top up using the oyster cards in shops? Or it just takes the daily rate on the way you first sign up? Think thats the best of both worlds.
May 15 at 11:30pm ·

Update Chat

James Pyne jason,just to let you know like i have been through email. i have printed out all the rate cards for you and have just completed a questionnaire for the marketing side.i will try find you today to give you all this as a hard copy for you to put in the presentation.let me know if you need anything else.but nice logo and... mock website everyone.See More
May 14 at 1:37pm

Tom Ritchie I'm going to work on the small animation for tomorrow morning if possible?I basically just want to make an animated logo essentially.
May 14 at 4:42pm

Tom Ritchie I'm going to work on the small animation for tomorrow morning if possible?I basically just want to make an animated logo essentially.
May 14 at 4:42pm

Hayley Allen Tom thats cool. Im going to work on the E&E stuff all day tomorrow, so as long as I have it by then thats fine. Everyone else please post your stuff on here or email it to me, I need to put the presentation together ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
May 15 at 3:04pm


Jack Kiteley Here's the webpage mock up i've done. Let me know what you think.

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Formative Feedback

Come on Guys we can do better!!

Tom's Logo Design Two

Hayley Allen
I like this one alot better!!!! :)
10 hours ago ·

Jason Hollis
Me likes. Any chance of a mock website and app like we discussed? Cheers
about an hour ago · Report

Ryan Cook
this looks pro..i love it!!
about an hour ago · Report

Hayley's Logo Ideas

Group Name? Work Sharing

Hayley Allen Hey Guys, was just wondering if we have a group/company name yet? Any ideas? I was thinking something to do with the track line and wifi/ internet being combined something like Interground or WiLine but they are a bit crappity, so any others?
April 28 at 11:27pm

Jason Hollis Well name and logo we can say is a working progress if we haven't got one. I have all ready done a power point and you should all have it now. If you want to add any thing please do.
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Hayley Allen
Wow im impressed by the powerpoint :), im going to start looking into the advertising costs tomorrow n how we would go about doing that side of things if thats ok? and also patents and licenses etc
April 29 at 12:04am ·

Jason Hollis
I all ready have loads of rates cards for news papers etc. James asked for them but my rave mail has just gone down.
April 29 at 12:16am · Flag

Hayley Allen
You do realise the rest of us have to do something to... unless u want me to get more involved with the creative side of things?
April 29 at 12:19am ·

Jason Hollis
I know you guys do. I've just been doing it today coz I wanted to have something to show tomorrow.
April 29 at 12:20am · Flag

Hayley Allen
fine but after tomorrow we need to sort out whos doing what properly and us all to stick to it, its not fair only a couple of people doing all the work
April 29 at 12:24am ·

Jason Hollis
I was hoping to do nothing after this until every thing is done then just bring it together. Well the guys to know what roles they have. As you can tell I've just put you down as second in command
April 29 at 12:28am · Flag

Hayley Allen
Ok thats good, like I say I do not mind collating everything together maybe we could work on the final presentation together. Think we may need to give em a kick up the backside if not much is shown tomorrow
April 29 at 12:32am

Tom's Logo Design One

Hayley Allen
This is cool, it may look better without the little Wifi logo on it though? or more integrated into the main thing?
April 28 at 10:57pm

Oyster Cards!!

Hayley Allen Just thinking, there is a number on the back of Oyster cards isn't there? Could people use this as their log in details and that way it will automatically come off of their payments on their oyster card? Obviously then everyone would need an oyster, so i was thinking that the wifi/internet could be at a reduced rate fo...r oyster card holders like the fares themselves are and people who are just on there with a normal ticket can register and use it at a slightly higher price? we could then work with the oyster card and it could act as a two way benefit or promotion for oyster and our wifi service? that way our logos and info may get onto their leaflets etc at a lower price to us too?See More
April 16 at 1:58pm ·

Jason Hollis Thats an awesome idea. So the price I came up with could be for oyster card users. Maybe for non oyster card users it could be £1 PAYG (a day), £15 (1gb-3gb not sure on data size yet) and 1 £10 a month?As for osyer card instead of people having to look at there card each time and to not let non osyter card users feel l...eft out, couldn't you link the osyer card with a user name and password the first time they sign up. A for an extra add on i had the idea of text via wifi. You might be able to think of others. Dunno how much extra we could charge for it tho?Thanks for all the awesome ideas.See More
April 16 at 3:03pm ·

Hayley Allen A bit of info on Oyster cards if you want that as a payment method, our service could be included in this sort of info pack too

April 16 at 4:18pm ·

Jason's Research

Jason Hollis I've not had a chance to read it. I might leave it until tomorrow as it is very text heavy.

Underground High-Speed Internet: Testing WiMAX in Seoul Subways -
Popular Mechanics is a service magazine covering a variety of information on home improvement, automotive needs, electronics, computers, telecommunications, outdoors, fitness and science and technology. ...

April 15 at 11:14pm

Jason Hollis found out it's done in London to airports. so the London underground is the only option. Also both this and virgin use T mobile but complex wifi systems that not everything works with. Too late to change idea? lol

April 15 at 11:23pm

Jason Hollis I think how I said it would work it right just got no idea on costing yet. I dunno if to email the E&E lady asking her what she thinks we should do.

Heathrow Express goes online - Mobile Computer Mag
With more than 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots located around the UK, the chances are you will always be reasonably close to a location offering

April 15 at 11:38pm

Jason Hollis some thing about "parent company couldn't fund the £1.4 billion that National Express has pledged to pay the government under the new franchise"I dont know if that would be start up costs.
Free on-train Wi-Fi for everyone News TechRadar UK
Free on-train Wi-Fi for everyone National Express pledges free Wi-Fi for East Coast line : TechRadar UK

Jason Hollis Branson sold his Virgin Mobile company to UK cable TV, broadband, and telephone company NTL/NTL:Telewest for almost £1 billion. As part of the sale, the company pays a minimum of £8.5 million per year to use theVirgin name and Branson became the company's largest shareholder. Still tyring to get ideas how much it woul...d cost. A million to much of a ruff guess? lolSee More
April 15 at 11:52pm

Jason Hollis BT (does wifi and works close with t mobile) or Virgin media (Also mobile) for the companines to do out work for us.
April 15 at 11:57pm ·

Jason Hollis

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home • The Register
BT will spend some £1.5bn on fibre optic cables to bring decent broadband to British homes and offices, provided Ofcom acts to protect its juicy margins.

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Jason Hollis
Might help with costing.
April 15 at 11:59pm · Report

Jason Hollis Think I found the costing but also how much they will make. but remember this is advnaced tech which we dont want to do as new phones are required. 'It has been forecast that WiMAX operators will be collecting revenues of$8bn per year from 31.4 million subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region by 2012 and that spending o...n WiMAX networks will approach $2.9bn in fiveyears'started in 2007: so divide 1.8 billion (UK) by 8 = (225 million) and we might have a costing and i think that is tech alone. More

KT Corporation WiBro Network, Seoul - Mobile/Cellular Technology
News and project information on the KT Corporation WiBro Network, Seoul

April 16 at 12:14am

Jason Hollis finally a UK price so it will be this we can base the cost on. cost: £346,000 so say more for underground and £200,000 a year running costs.M...eans we can move forward on branding and marketing.See More

Wi-fi access on Norwich to London trains - Norfolk News - EDP24
Rail passengers travelling between Norwich and London will at last have access to Wi-Fi connections on their trains after a £546,000 deal was struck to provide it.

April 16 at 12:54am

April 15 at 11:44pm

Cost, Future Ideas?

Jason Hollis Just to add that remember Virgin train rides are long so can afford the high cost. A lower cost but more passengers will mean we have an edge and might attract more people.
April 15 at 11:06pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (9)Hide Feedback (9) · Flag

Hayley Allen
Yeah thats true, I was just looking at a comparable model and thought trains were the closest. We have to think of the next product too, mayb our next ideas could be wifi buses or bus stops, i think bus stops would be cool while people are waiting!
April 15 at 11:25pm ·

Jason Hollis
But we couldn't charge for that as if you have a signal you can have wifi. Just stick with the idea and see how it goes? Sell how ours would work?
April 15 at 11:30pm · Report

Hayley Allen
You could do it if they are in the middle of nowhere, or in towns outside of london that will not have as much signal. its only an idea, they did say we have to think of future projects for the company too...
April 15 at 11:33pm ·

Jason Hollis
That future bit is just there added bit. Some thing to fill the presentation if need be. Well wouldn't future plans be the other underground lines then other underground in the country.
April 15 at 11:35pm · Report

Hayley Allen
true, im just tryin to think differently lol. i was only playing to begin with :)
April 15 at 11:41pm ·

Jason Hollis
The more I read the less our idea looks good as it being done loads lol
April 15 at 11:42pm · Report

Hayley Allen
i thought that last night lol what with the research i found. i think if we found it a usp, like the way it is sold with the oyster or something, then i think that would make it successful and different
April 15 at 11:45pm ·

Jason Hollis
Well the idea is just to top up with the oyster card and use the app to log in. Thats the simple concept.
April 15 at 11:47pm · Report

Jason Hollis
Got a back up idea just incase? No to do with wifi? All I can think about it wifi atm. I'm shocked how much work I have actually put in lol
April 15 at 11:48pm · Report

Wifi Alliance
Wi-Fi Alliance: Organization
In 1999 several visionary leaders came together to form a global non-profit organization with the goal of driving adoption of a single worldwide standard for high-speed wireless local area networking. We are that organization.

April 15 at 10:21pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · Share
Write a comment...

Hayley Allen I think the main thing we will need to look into is this, the Wifi Alliance:
Hayley Allen My thoughts so far:
* Jason where has your pricing come from in the email you sent yesterday?
*In price comparison with Virgin 50P a day is too little
*Has anyone looked into existing models from foreign countries?
*what type of internet would be used, as surely people are more likely to have 3G small devices than those Wifi?
*what would happen if the customer has more than one device? On mcdonalds wifi you are directed to their website first and have to register and sign in each time, would this be appropriate?let me know what you think :) xxSee More
April 15 at 10:18pm

Why not already?

Why there isn't any in London(they say it would be very expensive):

Our comments:

Ryan Cook
whoa!! some great links here Hayley, great job :)
April 15 at 10:16pm ·

Jason Hollis
I just typed some long response on my phone and it didn't send :( so I will keep this one a little shorter. Thanks for all the input Hayley, nice work XDWifi is done in Chain and Sweden but I don't think in the UK (well on the undergroun). They didn't say to much on how it was done tbh. I would love to know how the virgin trains work.We can't ... See Moredo 3G as that is done via phone masts which we can not restrict the use of. With wifi we can just give them a log in for them to enter a user name and password into (as many devices as they shall wish and access the computer).From what I got today they are not to worried about who it is done but more about the concept and how much you can make lol. Seeming as some people are doing conceptual ideas about space travel etc...We picked London as it will make the most revenue unlike outer London cities.I was thinking the Victoria line as it is 17KM of all underground and has 76.5 million passengers per year using it. So even if each person only used the wifi for one day we would make nearly £40 million pounds.You know you said it was expensive we could get Virgin or BT who are specialist with fiber to to the install for us and cover the cost and we just give them a percentage.As for costing I did use prices and didn't make them up. PAYG from Vodaphone is £50 a day so that's the same, block data also with Vodaphone is £10 (1GB) the same as what I priced it as and the cheapest mobile broadband dongle is £10 a month. We have to take into account that people are not on the trains all day long and are only on there for 30mins maximum at one time.Do you agree with what I have said?
April 15 at 11:02pm ·

Hayley Allen
I agree with what you have said, I was just suggesting an outer city as a tester to see if it would work, sort of like a qa, coz they mentioned that kind of thing in the lecture today. With the prices I was just comparing the 50p to the virgin trains as theirs is 75p for 10 minutes i think. I like using the companies that actually know what they ... See Moreare doing to install it. I did find on the wifi webpage a step by step guide to creating a network and the sort of devices used but I do not know if that would really apply to underground. Oh and I know Ben is going to IP tomorrow, do you want me to go too? xx
April 15 at 11:21pm ·

Jason Hollis
Only go if you want to. WifiMAX is also done in London so The underground is the only option. I have a guess of how Wifi would work in the underground. Use fiber running along to individual modems routers that would act as a bridge and add antennas that boost the signal. Is that in the copy I gave everyone?As for Virgin trains arnt people on there for a while not just quick journeys?
April 15 at 11:26pm ·

Jason Hollis the sounds of it my guess is kinda right lol. I'm sure that doesn't matter to much. we just going to have to say how its going to make money and brining in other compaines to cover the cost I believe is going to be the BIG selling point along with adverts.
April 15 at 11:29pm ·

Hayley Allen
I suppose it depends on the journey... and what do you reckon to the bus stop idea if you have read it lol? Would you mind if I didnt go, I can do some more proper research into the technical side of things then, oh and I wondered if no one has said it yet, I do not mind putting the project proposal together (like the documentation) x
April 15 at 11:31pm ·

Jason Hollis
I don't think that proposal actually has to be handed in but might help with the presentation. Can do that if you want. If I can be cheeky could I get you to do the gant chart? I've never done one and tbh got no idea what has meant to be in it. Did you read my feed back to your idea?
April 15 at 11:34pm ·

Hayley Allen
I will have a read of the brief again and see, but if not it will help to collate all of the information. Ive not done a gant chart either, but i will look into it. Do you know what job role you would like me to be yet? guess im kind of researching/ secretary at the mo :)
April 15 at 11:42pm ·

Jason Hollis
I think that is the best role for you. You've just fallen into it. Help me organise all my crazy ideas lol
April 15 at 11:46pm ·

Hayley Allen
Cool I like that, I'm quite good at organising n keeping things together :) go team!
April 15 at 11:47pm ·

Jason Hollis
I can think of ideas and what people need to do just no good with time scales etc...hence youd come in and advise lol
April 15 at 11:53pm ·

Hayley Allen
yeah thats fine :), i also wondered if any names or anything had been come up with yet? or are we leaving that to the marketing/branding team?
April 16 at 12:05am ·

Jason Hollis
I was leaving all the creative stuff to them tbh. I'm more technical minded as you can probably all ready tell lol.
April 16 at 12:07am ·

Inital Research

Hayley's Research:

Comparing to trains:

April 14th Emails

Just a addition that I had forgot. Need to work out how much revenue could be made from external companies advertising. How much do people card for adverts etc... I will work out how much it would actually cost to install our idea. but also give the option to get the money from BT or Virgin and pay them a cut. this will save us on cost and make us look even better in E&E.
Jason Hollis

Hey Guys,
This is my guess how it would actually work.
If someone wouldn't mind giving me a hand trying to work out how it would work physically. I have emailed my teacher so hopefully he can help.My guess is fiber running to different indsutral routers that would act like a bright. you'd use the converters to convert it into ethernet and boost the signals with antennas.
For Ben here is a little guess of the costing. It no doubt it due to change and we need measurements and numbers before getting some totals.
fiber cable= £2 per meter
Fiber optic Splitter = £2 Each
Fiber converter to (ethernet) = £25
EachCasing = £20
EachAntenna (5.8GHz band-5km 90 degrees )= £100
EachRouter = £500 each (use as a bridge)
Jason Hollis

Initial Overview of Internet on the Underground

Internet on the London Underground.

Fibre lines ran along the track with wifi 'hot spots' located along the line

Work with Virgin medai or BT for fibre lines and give percentage.

Additional: work out cost of fibre and receivers. (trial on busiest London underground line)

How it would work:

Online via internet or oyster card.
Monthly, PAYG (daily), Pre pay (block of data)
How it would work:

Download application on your phone which you log in with your details and that will only let you connect if you have enough credit.

The oyster card would be linked to the application and user name so every time you toped up with would register the credit.

Monthly: £5
PAYG: 50P a day
Pre pay: £10 (1GB)

Advertisement as people log in. (promotions etc...)


(Jack Kiteley - Brand manager
Tom Ritchie - Brand manager)

To do:

Market research-
(Ryan Cook- Market research manager
Malachi Chin-Market research manager)
How many people would use it
What the age group (Target audience)
how many people use London underground each day and year.
What is the busiest London underground line?
How many people own smart phones?

(James Pyne-Marketing manager
Phil Ayres -Marketing manager)
Web site ideas?
How would you get people to know about it?
How to sell it to people

Roles recap:

Me -Project Manager

Ben Keswich- Finance manager

Ryan Cook- Market research manager
Malachi Chin-Market research manager

James Pyne-Marketing manager
Phil Ayres -Marketing manager

Jack Kiteley - Brand manager
Tom Ritchie - Brand manager

Hayley Allen- ? (Possible finance manager) we can also think of other roles and use the skills you have in the right place.

Sun, April 11, 2010 9:43 pm Job Roles

Jason -Project Manager
Ben Keswich- Finance manager
Ryan Cook- Market research manager
James Pyne-Marketing manager
Phil Ayres -Marketing manager
Jack Kiteley - Brand manager
Tom Ritchie - Brand manager

Thats leaves Hayley Allen and Malachi Chin with out roles. I was thinking seeming Ryan your in the same class as Hayley you could speak to her and see if she wants to be Market research manager with you?And I will speak with Malachi and see what he would like to do?Everyone call with this? Let me know if not!
Cheers guys

Jason Hollis

Outside Broadcast TechnologyRavensbourne College of Design and Communication

Sun, April 11, 2010 1:01 pm Jason Email

Hey all,We all done really well for the first lesson of E & E as a group. Seeming we all ready have our concept etc... Is everyone still happy with our idea?

This email is basically sorting out everyones roles and making sure everyone is happy. Sorry I missed the second half of the E & E lesson btw.

Apparently you all don't mind me being project manager? Please let me know if you don't agree I wont get upset. I have all ready gone to the project manager lesson. Apparently only one member of the group has to attend each crash course. I have no idea what the rest of them are, but if you need to know I'm sure I can find out for you. Ben has expressed an interest in budgeting and went to the appropriate class.
The roles left are:
-Market research manager
-Marketing manager
-Brand manager

We are in a large group so doubling up might have to be done.Tom and Jack have expressed an interest Brand manager which would leave the roles of
-Market research manager
-Marketing manager

I'm not sure what the difference is but if someone does please let me know. If possible could you all pleas email me back expressing your interest into which role you would like to do. And if you have any concerns please let me know.

P.s I will write all the notes up once I get them off of Ben (Hint to Ben there) explaining which I think each roles will need to do. I have also cc'd everyone in so you can all see the responses, if you want to privatly email me please do.

Everyones email addresses are: (save you looking them up),,, ,,,, ,


Jason Hollis

Inital Chat, deciding roles etc

Jason Hollis Hey guys, I was talking to a friend who is on the content course and they have all ready done E&E. Acording to them we have to make or our business/brand. I was unsure of this first as the breif is a bit wordy and if you are like me a bit annoyed that they have given us this unit when I have load of other work to be ge...tting on with....I was thinking that I wouldn't mind being Finance manager, seeming your skills are more creative and you proberly touch on some of the roles before. Does any one have any particular role they would like to do? Might as well get the ball rolling. I'm suggesting who ever driven be the project mananger. just to add isn't -Market research manager and Marketing manager kind of the same role? Sorry for the all the chatter!See More
April 7 at 10:31am

Ben Keswick jason i put who down as project manager if that ok and the next few lectures coming up only one member of the team need to go so tomorror its one about project managment and finance and im going to the finance one.
April 8 at 5:30pm ·

Jason Hollis I was also going to go to the finance one any way just incase that it what im going to get stuck with. Good call with project manager. I'm sure the rest wont mind....On another note sorry i missed the second half of the lesson. Did I miss much? I was busy doing Rave Live stuff. As for out idea is everyone happy with it...? My hous emate seem to thing that the wifi on train has been done in another country before but we wont tell any one. This could also work to our advantage as the research etc might all ready be there for us and we could just say we are branding for the UK market and how we would improve it.See More
April 8 at 8:41pm

Ben Keswick yer we are all happy for you to be manager, but remember you've got a lecture today for the management and leadership lecture, and i have a finance lecture
April 9 at 11:50am

Jason Hollis I've been to the lecture. I will upload the notes for everyone on monday or tuesday, when i get them of my friend. Does eveyone know which class they are attending?
April 9 at 7:27pm

Jack Kiteley Cheers for the notes Jason. Just wondered if we should get a list up of who's doing what (role wise)...
April 10 at 12:30pm

Jason Hollis funny enought i was just about to email everyone asking that very same question. Also more notes to be added tuesday. I will get the paper off ben tuesday to if he is in a type up all the notes and a plan of action. The sooner we get it done the better. If anyone does need help give me a shout..
April 10 at 1:04pm ·

Tom Ritchie Just thought I'd mention, but I'm up for doing brand managing if that's cool?
April 10 at 1:23pm

Jack Kiteley Well I'd quite like to work on the brand as well if you don't mind collaborating Tom? You're probably more artistic than me so you can be the 'Brand Manager' but I'd like to help out..
April 11 at 12:35pm

Hayley Allen Hey Guys, right I know I am far behind as I was away last week so can you please tell me whats been going on, and ive just read all the emails on Rave, being Finance manager is cool with me if Ben doesnt mind me working with him. I'm not in Uni tomorrow but will be weds Jason if I can at least meet you then to discuss ...whats been going on.Can you tell me any ideas you can up with so far?Thanks, H xSee More
April 13 at 1:04am